What Is ONE New Client Worth To You?

More Clients Now helps individual lawyers and small legal firms,attract quality prospects in direct need of services.

I have worked with attorneys for several years now. I have found that many of the business challenges for attorneys are making time for their marketing. Attorneys know how to practice law, however they usually don’t have the time or effort it takes to market themselves. What separates me is I provide the full service marketing and paralegal work by connecting the attorney to the people who are looking for attorneys in their field of service. I also set up office systems so the office runs more smoothly by becoming more time efficient and cost effective for the client. By placing an ad in the yellow pages, you have the one in a thousand chances someone would find them in the yellow pages amongst the hundreds of ads for attorneys.

Is your message where prospects will find it? A tax lawyer who wanted to represent doctors before the IRS ran an ad in a weekly shopper newspaper. Not surprisingly, he was disappointed with the results and wasted his $2000 investment. You must deliver your marketing message in ways that effectively reach your prospects. Test to see which delivery methods work best for your particular audience.

With More Clients NOW, you are marketing directly to the people who need your services. I do all the grunt work. As a result my clients save time, money and a lot of effort.

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”

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